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Spice Up Your Blog started out as a hobby really, i was always working on blog design and playing around with templates, gadgets and attracting traffic to blogs so i started posting the latest tips i was working on.

After only posting a few articles i quickly found Spice up your blog getting popular and my readership growing so i decided to focus on adding more content and making the tutorials more reader-friendly for less experienced Bloggers while still providing quality tips and help.

Playing With Domains

Spice Up Your Blog was started in July 2009 originally as spiceyourblog.blogspot.com. In September 2009 when GoDaddy were selling .info domains for 49 cent i added the custom domain spiceyourblog.info (Now Expired) but not wanting to be so cheap :D i went with spiceupyourblog.com on Christmas Eve 2009.

The Author

I am the main author of Spice Up Your Blog, I’m Paul Crowe and I’m from the land of Guinness, Green Grass and Leprechauns (May as well stick with the stereotypes).I have never taken a class even at school on computers never mind studying it.Everything i have learned has been self thought simply through my Insane need to know How Things Work !

I started my first blog in 2006 just as New Blogger was launched and since then have not looked back.I still learn new things every day expecially when it comes to the latest design techniques like Css3, Html 5 and the not so new but not-yet-old jQuery.I like to think i could built a Blogger template from a blank document but have yet to try.

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Spice Up Your Blog now has almost 750 posts and between Blogger comments and my experiment with Disqus over 10,000 comments. SUYB currently averages over 300,000 monthly page views : via Blogger stats.

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