Start Your Blog in 10 Minutes

Are you ready to start your blog?

In as short as 10 minutes, you may become the owner of a new blog.

Let’s assume that a blog is born every half second, 1200 new blogs would be created during the time (10 minutes) you follow this tutorial.

Follow these simple steps to start your own blog. It can’t be easier!

Step 1 – Why Blogging? What is the Purpose of your Blog?

Decide what you want to write about and more importantly why you want to write about it?

Is it because you want to make money? In order to make money, you have to create value to your readers. You can only create value, when you are an expert at something or have something else that is powerful to share.

Here are a few ideas why you may want to start a blog:

  • You are an experienced SEO Consultant and want to share your thoughts.
  • You are skilled at how to save and spend money wisely. So, you help other people to achieve the same.
  • You go on a world trip and want to start another awesome travel blog.
  • You have special interests that hardly anyone in your town has and want to connect with people online that share the same interest.
  • You just want to have your personal blog.
  • You just want to write because it is your therapy to think about things and put your feelings on paper (well electronic paper). Who knows, maybe your work gets loved by many people.

Still think you want to blog? And decided what kind of blog it should become? Read on..

Step 2 – Choose your Domain & Hosting

Your domain is the most important element. It’s your brand and people will keep asking you why you chose this domain name. So, think about it carefully. The name will follow you your whole life. A good question to ask yourself is: Would have a tattoo of your brand name on your arm?

Also think about SEO: Which domain gets more backlinks, a keyword-domain like or a brandable domain like A keyword-domain may help you to rank better for the specific keyword. But you have no brand equity.

My advice is: Chose a domain name (brand) with high recognition value. Basically a name you are proud of. (I am proud of being the owner of aka SUYB)

Have a domain name in mind? Now, you want to check out whether the domain is still available and choose your preferred hosting plan.

There are good reasons why you should choose a hosting plan:

  • Having your own domain name is guaranteed.
  • High uptime track record.
  • Better SEO abilities (e.g. being able to run a blog on WordPress offers thousands of free plugins that make your life easier).
  • Hosting is generally really cheap.

I suggest you to choose your domain name & hosting in a package. Most hosting companies will give you a discount on a specific hosting plan or give you the domain for free. I have build a number of websites so far and my favorite site is There are other two well-known hosting sites I would recommend – Bluehost & Hostgator.

Disclaimer: If you purchase a package through the links above, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Step 3 – Install WordPress with its famous One-Click Installation

There are many platforms to set up a blog. The most popular ones are and I would definitely recommend WordPress for the following reasons:

  1. It’s inexpensive to set up a WordPress Blog.
  2. There is a plugin for almost everything.
  3. Doing SEO is simple with plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast or All in One SEO Pack.
  4. They have an active and huge support community.
  5. A huge choice of WordPress Themes.
  6. Easy to monetize – you can insert ads or copy-paste html code using widgets.

(… details on how to set up WordPress is coming soon…)